Posted on November 25, 2010


Back To Basics: Recap of essential facts concerning Late-Term D&E Dismemberment Abortion.

Late-Term Abortion is primarily performed in the last half of the SECOND Trimester.  Less than 700 annual abortions take place in the Third Trimester, almost all for medical reasons.  But 20,000 potentially-viable and viable infants are aborted every year in the 21 to 27-weeks’-gestation period of the Second Trimester, almost none of them for medical reasons.

Late-Term Abortion of 20,000 potentially-viable and viable infants annually during the last half of the Second Trimester is performed by the D&E (dilation & evacuation) Dismemberment method whereby the viable infant (infants experience pain at 21 weeks) is dismembered in the uterus, its head and torso are crushed, and the fetal parts are removed by suction and curettage.  The procedure is as primitive and appalling as the former D&X Partial Birth Abortion method that was banned in 2003.

Infants at 22 to 27 weeks’ gestation (lmp) transition from potentially-viable to positively-viable in a rapid maturing cycle over a short period of 5 weeks.  Highly professional medical studies in the United States (at multiple teaching hospitals) and in the United Kingdom (of the entire nation) of the survivability of extremely preterm-birth infants (miscarriages) prove that up to 1 in 5 babies born at 22 weeks can survive past one year old:  37% or over one third of babies born at 23 weeks will survive:  56% or well over half of babies born at 24 weeks will survive (even without mechanical ventilation):  78% or over three quarters of premie babies will survive at 25 weeks’ gestation:  And virtually 100% of babies born at 26 weeks lmp will survive.

The definition of viability has changed markedly over the past 35 to 40 years.  At the time of enactment of the U.K. Abortion Law (which preceded the U.S.’s Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision by a few years) the thought was that viability of an infant in the womb was about 28 weeks’ lmp.  Over three decades that benchmark has changed – in understanding primarily – to the currently fashionable “possibility of viability of a fetus being around 24 weeks’ gestation”.  But governments and legislators have not accepted the results of serious medical studies (conducted during the past decade) that show potential viability, now, is as early as 22 weeks’ gestation.  There are in fact at least two adults in North America who were born at 21 weeks lmp.

Ask anyone in America – lay person, politician, pundit or medical professional – what they know about Late-Term D&E Abortion, how prevalent they believe it is, how it’s done.  Most will know nothing at all.  Some will probably answer that it is rarely performed, “maybe a few hundred fetuses a year”, and/or only in one or two clinics nationwide.  They are categorically wrong!  Late-Term D&E Abortion kills somewhat over 20,000 viable and potentially or essentially-viable babies a year.  Late-Term Abortion is performed by hundreds of physicians, in virtually every state in the nation (ref. CDC annual data) during the latter part of the Second Trimester.  Late-Term Abortion in the United States of America is a catastrophe, a campaign of virtual infanticide that is eroding the nation’s moral psyche.

Bishop Thomas Doran of Illinois wrote recently: “Abortion Might Be Our Society’s Death Knell.”  Late-Term D&E Abortion is the leading, silent and publicly-unknown indicator of that potential decline.   Late-Term D&E Dismemberment Abortion is the ‘Secret Horror Story’ of this country.  At the very least, our elected politicians should open their eyes, study and understand the facts and the true definition of Late-Term D&E Dismemberment Abortion.  The votes of the past (such as those votes by U.S. representatives and senators AGAINST the Ban on Partial Birth Abortion, an equally horrific procedure on identical-age babies) are unacceptable.  One must hope that those politicians and legislators (including ALL Connecticut’s U.S. congressmen and senators) could not have fully understood what they were voting to perpetuate.

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